Web Design: Mates Viajeros

This website was designed for Mates Viajeros in 2016, in order to share images, anecdotes and other information related to their trip.

The main page has a simple design, with three header photos that change every time you enter the site. It also has the logo on the front page, an image that identifies the brand “Mates Viajeros”; a menu with language selector and below, a preview of all the publications of the blog.

In addition, in the upper bar and in each of the publications, information of interest is displayed, as “Now we are in”, where there is an image of the flag of the country is currently being visited; “Do you want to follow our route?” with an interactive map in motion that links to another interactive map with the continents and its publications by sector.

In the same sidebar there ir also a preview of activities in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which constantly updates the site and allows better communication with the visitor. The covers of the publications were also created, which give the reading a more dynamic image. Lastly, at the bottom of the page, there is a link to “Meet us” with information about the beginning of the trip; then the links to social networks that are always visible, no matter the section of the page to which the visitor is directed; a short subscription form to the blog; the Creative Commons license with the attributions of the site and a visit counter, which is also kept up to date.

Visit the site and see it for yourself: matesviajeros.com/en

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